Buying Your Next Home! Contact a Mortgage Specialist

If you’re buying your next home, it’s a great time to speak to a Mortgage Specialist.

A Mortgage Specialist has the knowledge you need to help you make the right decisions, including advice on mortgage financing options you may want to consider when buying and selling.

Remember that you have options! From choosing the right mortgage to paying for the expenses associated with your home purchase, it’s always best to get the right advice.

If you’re concerned about breaking your mortgage contract or losing your low interest rate when you sell your home then speak to us. Sometimes it is in the client’s best interest to break their current mortgage and capture a lower rate and a new term, however sometimes it can be best for the client to keep their existing mortgage and add on to it.

With RBC Royal Bank’s mortgage portability option, you can transfer the interest rate and the existing terms and conditions of your current mortgage to your new home without any prepayment charges. If you require additional funds for your new home, you can use our Mortgage Add-On option to cover the difference.

It is a learning process for each individual that purchases there first home, and there is always more to learn the 2nd or 3rd time around. Whether you’re considering purchasing a bigger home, a smaller home, an investment property or a vacation property; let us guide you through the process.

Many people begin their home search by visiting Open Houses, Checking out or contacting a realtor directly – While I do agree with this practice you might also want to consider talking to a mortgage specialist at the same time. In the event you do find your Dream Home you want to ensure you are in a position to react or make an offer with confidence! 

If you have general mortgage questions a mortgage specialist will have the answeres – Call me today and I can put you in touch with the RE/MAX Jazz In-House Mortgage Specialists;

Alexandra or Marlene Jobb – RBC Mobile Mortgage Specialists

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