Benefits of Townhome Ownership

No Matter what stage of life you are at, Owning or Purchasing a Townhome is an excellent idea!

Initially, townhouses belonged to a set of terraced houses, sharing walls with other homes built in the same architectural style. Members of the aristocracy often occupied them in Europe. Having “a house in town,” for example in places like London or Bath, generally meant owning a second or third home one visited during certain seasons.

Today Townhouses have undergone a dramatic shift. Instead of being domiciles for the wealthy, they have now become residences for people who are entering the housing market or “Right Sizing” their lifestyles and do not want the maintenance of a large 2 storey detached home or are adverse to renting. Like the townhouses of old, the modern townhouse shares walls in common with other townhouses making them very affordable. Given the average size of most Townhomes they are easy to decorate, easy to maintain and provide many of the amenities of larger detached homes such as master ensuite bathrooms,  3 or more bedrooms and quite often 3 or even 4 bathrooms. All of the above benefits makes owning a Townhome a great investment for the “First Time” home  buyer or “Empty Nester”.  Most all Townhomes are two-story buildings with the odd 3 storey building sprinkled around.

Keep in Mind there can be 2 types of Townhome ownership in the market place, Freehold and Condominium. make you have a clear understanding of the differences between the two types of ownership.

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Photos of Townhomes


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