Mini Stock Racing in Ontario

Three years ago I was introduced to the sport of short track oval racing by a friend of mine, Ryan Oosterholt, who races the # 79 Prelude in the mini Stock class at the Kawartha Downs Speedway in Fraserville Ontario. Ryan races almost every Friday night throughout the summer. I have had the pleasure of attending many of Ryan’s races over the past few years and most recently attended the Fan Appreciation Night at the Kawartha Speedway back on July 20th. The drivers put on a great show and sincerely welcomed the fans onto the track for autographs and a chance to meet the drivers and their pit crews up close and personal.

Throughout this season Ryan has been touted as one of the better drivers in his class and his race results quite often support the praise he receives. Ryan currently sits second in the seasons points standings and has every chance to win the overall. It’s exciting to watch these young drivers manoeuvre their way around the track, through the pack or even held off the pack to maintain the lead.

There is a lot more to this sport than simply turning left and going fast!

A few years ago I knew very little about this type of racing and I will admit I still don’t know much more about the finer details, however I do enjoy watching now with a better understanding of the sport. I  am certain that I could probably not drive as well as some of these drivers and i only enough about engines to be dangerous. With that out there I did want to support my friend and get a bit more involved in this sport so I decided to through my support to Ryan Oosterholt through a sponsorship. I know the sponsorship has its benefits, but what I didn’t realize is how much it helps Ryan and his team compete at every race. Now that I am more involved I quite often find my self cheering out loud for Ryan and his Farm Bro racing team. It has been a pleasure watching Ryan race and I do learn more and more every week about the sport of racing. Racing has also allowed me to include my son Ethan in an entertaining event and who knows maybe one day he will be in a similar spot as Ryan. Every time I head over to the speedway my son always wants to come with me. Unfortunately I can’t explain all the details of racing to my son, but while in the pits, he does get to learn quite a bit from Ryan, his crew and some of the other drivers. It’s always a great night out with my son.

I am almost certain the very same can be said for Ryan as well, his dad Henry is with him in the pits and most of Ryan’s other family members and friends are in his pit crew helping and getting the car ready to go. Ryan has great support from family and friends, they ensure the race car arrives at the track and is running as fast as it can on the track.

The FARM BRO racing crew is a force to be reckon with!! 

Keep up the great racing Ryan

Scott Roy

For More information on Racing, Admission Prices, Schedules and Special Events at Kawartha Downs and Speedway check out their website

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