Top 5 Mistakes Buyers Make when Purchasing a Home

1.) Making an offer on a home without being pre-qualified.

Being Pre-Qualified will make your life easier – so take the time to speak with a bank representative or mobile mortgage specialist. Their questions in regards to income, debt etc. will help you determine the price range you can handle and best afford.

2. Not Considering Long Term Needs 

It is very important to think ahead – will this home suit your needs in 3 – 5 years from now ??

3.) Not knowing the total costs involved in Purchasing a Home 

Early on in the buying process make sure to ask your realtor a lot of questions!! Ask how much it will cost for ALL closing costs including lawyers fees, title insurance and taxes (prepayments on taxes can be substantial)

4.) Thinking there is only ONE perfect home out there! 

Buying a home is a process of elimination, not selection. New properties are always “hitting” the market on  daily basis. Be open to all possibilities. Ask your realtor for as much neighbour hood information as possible. Ask for recent sales and for properties that did not sell and uncover why they might not have sold.

5.) Selecting a Realtor or Real Estate Agent who is not committed to developing a strong business relationship with you. 

Making a connection with the RIGHT realtor is crucial. Choose a professional who is dedicated to serving YOUR needs – before, during and after the sale.


This is only a small sampling of some mistakes but I feel these are the mistakes that can have a dramatic impact on purchasing your next home or possibly your first home.


When you are ready to make that purchase sit down and make all of your decisions with careful thought and consideration

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