Teach Your Children to Earn, Save, Invest & Master Credit

Would you like to receive a FREE package worth $149.00 that will help start your children in the right direction to financial Freedom? if so then read on. 

Today I had the pleasure of meeting an extremely energetic gentleman by the name of Kevin Cochran. He, along with his business Partner Jay Seabrook, have developed a great series called The enRICHed ACADEMY. A program that focuses on teaching young adults and teens how to be better prepared to positively handle money and credit. I know it sounds like an overly simplified statement at first!  however, when I actually sat down and thought about what he was saying it made complete sense. We don’t teach our children how to best handle money or credit and the current school system spends zero amount of time teaching children about money. Fact is before kids graduate high school they will have learned more about William Shakespere than the value of Earning, Saving and Investing. Listen for Kevin’s reference to this point in his promotional video (below).

Kevin has a great comparison – We spend more time teaching our children how to drive, manipulate a vehicle and understand the rules of the road than we spend teaching them how to manage money related issues. Imagine what our roads would be like if we spent the same amount of time teaching them how to drive as we do teaching them how to manage money! Its Crazy!!

I am as guilty as anyone of not sitting down and trying to teach my own kids these valuable lessons. This is the main reason why I purchased the complete package for my children and myself. The fact is I still might be able to learn something valuable “tid-bits” from this program. I did purchase 2 packages and I will get to that point a bit later.

This program is so well presented that when they pitched the product on CBC’s hit show Dragons Den – it had all of the Dragons fighting for a piece of their business. Check out the Promo video they prepared for the show.

enRICHed Academy Promo Video


If you would like to see the actual Dragons Den episode on youtube click on the link below


Here is why I feel this an important program. 4 Years ago I decided to make a career change! Little did I know how impact-full this career change was going to be for my family and I. 

I had just spent 13 years in corporate sales working for various corporations within the printing and graphic communications industry. During that time I was desperately trying to make a living. It only took me the better part of the last 6 years to realize that I  was barely successful in making a living and was even worse at building a solid business to serve my clients and support myself or my family. One very disturbing realization i had was my amazing ability to acquire Debt, which was only surpassed by my inability to save any measurable amount of money. I became the statistic that was living Pay Check to Pay Check.  I quickly decided the change I needed was into a career in which I was in control and for me Real Estate became that career.

I was in control alright! in control of everything including any and all successes as well as the failures. They say failure is a great motivator and sometimes it is, but for me it wasn’t so much fear of failure as it was a desire to succeed. I simply kept knocking on success’s door until the door opened. I didn’t want to change the industry, nor did I want to be a savior and turn the industry on its ear. I simply wanted to take what I knew I could do and had a passion for and work as hard as I could until I created a successful business. By the way I am still working on it and I am on my way to achieving that goal. 

What I have learned over the past 4 years is that success is not a destination it’s a journey and I have had to learn a great number of lessons along the way. A couple of those lessons are;  Your children learn an unbelievable amount from you simply by watching what you do on a daily basis and how you do it. My three children are living proof of that as they now critique homes I have listed for sale, yet I have never sat them down to teach them about what I do. The other lesson is that no matter how successful you are or you become, planning for the future is paramount. These two lessons are not exclusive of each other as I have learned. If you achieve your own personal level of success,  your children will have most likely learned how to obtain a similar level of success simply by watching you. If you have failed to plan for the future within that success, my thoughts are they most likely have learned that same skill set as well!

I wish I had this program when I was young! It would have saved me forty some odd years of learning from the school of hard knocks.

Debt will suck the life out of you!

I am interested in hearing from you; post your your comments and tell me what you think of the program and how it might help you and your children. Take a few minutes to watch the promo video and or the CBC Episode on the youtube link above and then drop me a line, send me an email or connect with me on facebook or twitter.

From the best and or most meaningful comments I will draw a single name and that person will receive a complete series of the  “enRICHed Academy” package absolutely FREE ! Draw will be made on Friday November 8th and its just in time for Christmas.  I encourage you to visit their website and do a bit more research and check out this product in more detail. ENRICHED ACADEMY WEBSITE

I look forward to hearing from everyone!!



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