Helpful Stats for Sellers

I really like it when statistics are prepared to help people maximize what ever it is they are about to take on. Even doing what do i wasn’t ever completely convinced of the home preparation and staging process but the stats rarely lie!

I really like the paragraph about the Buyers.


With a background in engineering, stats are always interesting to me.  If you are planning on selling your house, I think you might find this interesting as well.  These are national averages from a couple of years ago, provided by Brian Buffini, but still very much worthwhile to consider.

The home improvement chart at the bottom right is a great go-by chart for those about to list their property.  As you can see, these are some GREAT return on investment numbers!  These are averages and property specific costs will be different, but if I told you that if you spent $2,290 preparing your home, it would sell for $9,171 more – would you do it?  Of course you would!  Many of these things are simple things to do that most people are just unaware of how much they could help.

The biggest problem for buyers is that the vast majority of…

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