Highway 407 Construction Pictures

407 Construction Progress

Everyday I drive past, through or around the various construction sites for the new 407 extension over to Harmony Rd. in North Oshawa. As a Child I took every opportunity to watch major construction projects and this project is no different. Construction on this scale is simply amazing and I am blown away by not only the planning that is required,  but the precision these projects are completed with.

I know not everyone agrees with how this highway is being built or where it is being built but I am not the person to argue the environmental impact or whether the project should be completed or even built. I simply appreciate the process and look at how these types of projects will have a positive impact on the people that live here.

Recently I heard that average house prices in Toronto have climbed to almost $1,000,000 dollars – I think when this extension is completed it will have people looking to Durham Region as more reasonable place to live and raise a family and that kind of progress is good.

Hope you enjoy the pictorial update of the construction on the 407 extension. One of these days (maybe in 30 years) we will look back at these pictures and be amazed at what the area used to look like. The same way I am always captivated by photos taken in the 1950;s in area of Toronto now known as Warden and Eglinton and all you can see are 3 small buildings and farmers fields for as far as the eye can see to the east.

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