Waivers Mistakenly Used Over Fulfillments

I really Like this Article – For years i have been using both but this puts a finer point on the process.

You should always understand what your realtor is asking you to sign. If not questions them until you do understand.

Tim's Tips

In the heat of real estate deals, changes to documents often happen quickly in a flurry of pen strokes. And because REALTORS® must often move at a frantic pace to meet deadlines, there may be times when you use a form that is not the most appropriate for the situation.

Confusion around two particular forms sometimes occurs, says lawyer Lou Radomsky, an OREA instructor and counsel to the OREA standard forms committee. Waivers, which are commonly used by REALTORS®, are sometimes used when a notice of fulfillment of condition is more appropriate, he says.

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