WEE/MAX is Helping Children in Durham Region

I am proud to be a part of a great organization such as RE/MAX Jazz Inc Brokerage and at times likes this I am even more enthusiastic about our organization and our role in supporting the local community. Noel Coppins, our Broker owner has single handily created  a new local childrens charities that will directly help local children’s charities.

RE/MAX Jazz Inc. is thrilled to unveil WEE/MAX Children’s Charities, an exclusive and proprietary landmark umbrella covering all of the philanthropic endeavours in the local community by the RE/MAX Jazz family of REALTORS®.

Specifically, RE/MAX Jazz is partnering with the Pediatric Wing of Lakeridge Health in Oshawa
to financially assist with replacing and updating the critical equipment their littlest patients rely on each day. For 2015, RE/MAX Jazz is committed to purchasing a much needed Infant
Resuscitation Unit for the neonatal ward. As moments are precious to the immediate needs of tiny patients, an Infant Resuscitation Unit is of paramount importance to achieving positive outcomes for high-risk newborns. RE/MAX Jazz, under the WEE/MAX banner, will be a supporter of our local hospital and is committed in raising the necessary funds Lakeridge Health needs to provide advanced health care to our community’s children.

When you choose a RE/MAX Jazz real estate professional, you are contributing to this most worthy cause!

As leaders in the marketplace, RE/MAX Jazz recognizes that a lifestyle of active giving and intentional community involvement is not only commendable, but necessary. Many local children’s initiatives will fall under the WEE/MAX brand, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Durham, Grandview Children’s Centre, Community Living and more, all of which have already benefited from the generosity and compassion of RE/MAX Jazz sales representatives. The WEE/MAX Children’s Charities logo will be displayed boldly on lawn signs and advertising across the Durham Region — a proud beacon of hope to the residents of this community.

WEE/MAX Children’s Charities
Championing Children’s Lives Here At Home.WEEMAX logo with balloon Floating

How Unique is your Neighbourhood

Front View
3 Bedroom Backsplit

Recently I was asked “How’s the Real Estate Market?” Well that really does depend on where you live. The Real Estate market can very from city to city or from one town to the next. It can also vary within a specific community or neighbourhood within a town or city. Take for example this unique neighbourhood in Port Perry known as Perry Glen. Its a fantastic family friendly neighbourhood close to schools, parks and most amenities in town. Despite being a fantastic little neighbourhood it remains slightly below the average selling price in Port Perry, however that is quickly changing, just check out the statistics I ran for the Perry Glen neighbourhood:

Here are some Statics for the neighbourhood known as Perry Glen in the Historic town of Port Perry, Ontario: Perry Glen is a unique neighbourhood made up of 3 streets (Chester Crescent, Heath Crescent and Walsh Drive) Located on the west side of Port Perry just north of Queen St. The homes in this niche neighbourhood are either 2 Storey Homes or Back-splits and are either 3 or 4 bedrooms and pretty much all of the homes were built in the early 1980’s. It remains one of the more affordable little pockets in Port Perry for people looking for a great family friendly neighbourhood. You may have to act quickly as the average prices for this unique little pocket are on the rise. In 2011 & 2012 the average selling price was $341,000. Now if you compare that to the average selling price of 2013 & 2014 which is $384,900.

I have been involved with many of the sales in this neighbourhood over the years so if you would like to know more about this neighbourhood or you simply want to know more about your own unique neighbourhood please feel free to send me an email scott@lifeindurham.com.


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Great Real Estate Advice from a Real Estate Lawyer

Over the past couple of years I have quoted from Mark Weisleder and shared many of his articles that provide unique tips to both Buyer and Sellers. Below is a recent video in which Mark talks about his book called “Put The Pen Down!”. Watch the interview and get yourself a copy or grab one for a family member or friend who might be considering buying or selling a home.



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Landmark Move in Quebec Real Estate

I Just finished writing about an experience potential clients of mine had working with a FSBO  (for Sale By Owner Company) and then I read this article in the REP (Real Estate Professional) Blog about 2 minutes later. This article was writen on December 3rd by an REP writer there is also a link at the bottom of this article back to the original.

REP Article:

In what will surely become a landmark move, the Québec Federation of Real Estate Boards (QFREB) has filed an application for authorization to institute a class action suit against a major for-sale-by-owner player in the province.

The proposed lawsuit accuses for sale by owner (FSBO) company DuProprio of “systematically engaging in deceptive advertising campaigns for years, misleading Québec consumers about the so-called savings associated with DuProprio’s services, and about the supposed advantages of its real estate services compared to those of brokers,” the QFREB said in a press release this morning.

The board conglomerate, which represents the province’s 12 real estate boards and 13,000 real estate professionals, says DuProprio explicitly promises its clients they’ll incur less financial strain by using its services as opposed to paying a real estate agent’s commission. The QFREB says that statement fails to consider the various real estate commission structures available to buyers and sellers.

Further, the QFREB asserts DuProprio slanders the industry by claiming agents do not protect consumers from the perils of purchasing real estate. Again, the FSBO company fails to consider the insurance programs offered by many brokerages for the purpose of consumer protection, the federation argues.

“In Québec, the legislator has ruled that real estate brokers should have received professional training and hold a licence issued by the OACIQ,” says Éric Vallières, a lawyer with McMillian, the Montreal firm representing the QFREB. “They are also subject to strict requirements and high standards of service.”

The fight against FSBO models is prevalent across the country, leading to advertising campaigns on both sides of the argument. Agents in the REP forum, however, have been pushing back against companies like DuProprio and Property Guys, arguing an agent’s services go well beyond an MLS post.

“If you get an experienced agent who knows how to negotiate, who spends money on advertising, who can do the open houses, who ensures they have a legitimate buyer, then you’re way better off than selling by owner,” Janette Graf-King, a real estate agent with Re/Max, says. “You get what you pay for.”

Original Article – http://www.repmag.ca/news/quebec-boards-file-motion-against-fsbo-186063.aspx

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Do FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) Realy Save Money?

I have heard for years from people, “I can sell it myself!” and the simple answer to that is – Yes you can!

The most common reason I hear for doing this is a savings of money, I understand that and I get it.

Earlier this year I had an experience with some potential clients who made it clear they wanted to do it themselves. I want to save money as well, however over the last few years I have realized that somethings are best left to professionals. I thought I could save money by cutting down a tree by myself…..turned out to be the most expensive cost savings venture I have ever encountered. I had to replace and repair the many things I broke after the tree was down. I only mention this because my effort to save $850.00 ended up costing about $2,000.00.

My potential clients came to me and said “we like to try doing things ourselves first to see if we can save some money”. Who was I to ague with that rational. I later found out that they had bought a house and subsequently were trying to sell their own home. They told me where they bought so I decided to look up their property and research some sales in and around the area. I was a bit surprised to see the purchase price, as it seemed a bit high – my research revealed that it might have been almost $30,000 higher than the average in the area. That research was confirmed later that year when the same model home  was listed around the corner with almost exact same improvements was on the market at lower price and never sold in what was very much a sellers market. because they chose to work on their own they had no representation as Buyers they decided to purchase the home with the agent that was hosting the open house. So based on the research and being generous I will say they may have overpaid by $15,000 – $20,000.

Now onto the sale of their home. They chose to employ the services of a local FSBO or For Sale By Owner company. The Home sat on the market for over 2 months with few showings and 2 failed deals, The failed deals were buyers that just decided to walk away and there was no recourse and no way to find the AWOL buyers. The Home did eventually sell but it sold for about $28,000 less than the asking price and still had to pay half of the commission rate because a realtor brought them the offer. So calculate in another $10,500.00. They felt obligated to accept the offer because schedules and deadlines were rapidly approaching and they had no representation to help address the issues they were stumbling over. I hate to see these scenarios play out because its not good. A great or best case scenario is always a win win and in this situation I only saw some one win and someone else loose.

This story is not the end of the world and I am probably certain these people love their new home. What really infuriated me was looking back at the For Sale By Owners website and reading all about how much money would be saved if you choose to sell it yourself. FSBO companies constantly promote only a savings but never once talk about service and or potential pitfalls. FSBO companies charge you a stepped or staggered rate based on the services they provide and then goes on to state how much sellers will save and how easy it will be. I didn’t see any savings for these people and nor was it easy for them. Fact is I calculated that the entire process using the low end of the spectrum and found out that the entire process probably cost them close to $22,000.00 – when you factor in the lower sale price of their own home and still having to pay a co-operating broker 2.5% on the sale (at a much lower price) and the higher purchase price on their new home because of a lack of research and knowledge about average prices and recent comparable sales in the area.

My one vary salient point to this story is, be very careful when considering selling your home and making a purchase of a new home. Realtors do bring a great deal of value to the process and can help you avoid costly mistakes, not to mention that they are also accountable, closely governed and follow a strict code or ethics. I don’t see the same model practiced by these For Sale By Owner Companies. Here is a thought about For Sale By Owner Companies – Why are they only focused on 1 side of the real estate transaction? why don’t they have a service to help buyers? I have yet to see to anyone simply sell a home and not buy another one to live in ! Realtors do help and can provide a tremendous level service to both Buyers and Sellers. When selecting a realtor make sure you do your research and compare. A good realtor will first understand what you need and what is important to you. Then they will bring conscience service, research, information and knowledge that will enable you and or your family to make a well informed decision. Make sure you get what you pay for!


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