Kind Words !

We work hard every day to try and make sure we meet our clients expectations and keep them informed of what is happening in the real estate market and in their own transactions whether they are Buying their first home or selling their 5th home. This Fall I had the pleasure of meeting a young family who wanted to make a move and combine 2 families into 1 awesome home. Not an easy task but we prevailed and found a great home for them and sold their home relatively quickly. At the end of the day it wasn’t any of the parts of this trans action that surprised me, it was the kind words I received in a letter that I will admit took me by surprise and left me speechless. All I could say at the moment was Thank you…..Thank you for your Kind Words!

Testimonial by Jenny and Brad:

Have you ever heard a story about someone who was not properly represented by a realtor and felt shortchanged about the entire buying or selling process? I occasionally encounter these tales of regret from family members, friends, or colleagues and sympathize with their misfortune. We were very wary of choosing the right agent to represent our family. Luckily the moment we met Scott and discussed his real estate philosophy, he immediately replaced any reservations we had with a genuine sense of confidence and certainty that he was our perfect match. What separates Scott from other realtors is his consummate commitment and dedication to a family’s wishes regarding various nuances associated with listing or purchasing a home. Family life can be increasingly busy and Scott respectfully considered our schedule to ensure that we were completely prepared for what lay ahead. Scott is one of those rare real estate professionals who leaves a positive impression on those he represents, mainly due to his naturally courteous disposition. The day our house was listed, Scott arrived first thing in the morning and actually assisted in cleaning and arranging items to maximize the visual appeal of each living space. Additionally, as a thoughtful gesture, Scott personally delivered a lovely platter of home-baked cookies and a starter moving kit to our home during the winter holiday season so we could begin preparing for the upcoming move. All the intangible qualities that Scott exhibits enable him to effectively build lasting relationships with his clients and creates a platform of trust, understanding, and bilateral communication. We can’t thank Scott enough for all that he did!

Most grateful,

Brad and Jenny 

Thank you so much to Brad and Jenny for the opportunity to work with you and your family, it was a genuine pleasure working with you.



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21 Drew St. Oshawa, ON L1H 4Z7 

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