January 2022 Newsletter

This January has a ton of new things happening here! First and foremost, please welcome our new Administrative Manager, Angela Tasevski to the group! She will be managing most of the back-end office items and is looking forward to working with you  on the phone or via email for now! I’m also looking for a bit of a “New Year New Me” and will be rolling out a brand new website, some increased social media presence, and re-engaging with some past clients. We’re also planning some new communication tools that will help keep you up to date on the ever changing Real Estate trends, so look out for opportunities to be a part of that!

2021 was a hectic year for everyone in all aspects, but one thing constantly being discussed is Ontario’s Real Estate market! What a year to be a seller! To keep you up to date with real estate trends, every month I’ll be sharing the sold statistics for 3 key neighbourhoods in the Durham area – Port Perry, Whitby and Clarington. These figures will tell a story; but only part of one. If you find the statistics interesting, and would like to know more, please reach out. If you’re interested in receiving a personalized statistical assessment of your own neighbourhood, or one you’re interested in learning more about, connect with us about that too.

One thing that can be noted along all 3 areas is the variance between the listing price and the selling price! On average, homes in the Durham Region sold at a whopping 115% of the asking price in 2021! Wow!

Also notice the Days on Market trend, however – on average, homes are being sold within 9 days! This is why being prepared for your next steps BEFORE listing your home is more important now than ever – which is EXACTLY why partnering with your Realtor is so very important!

January is a very popular month for decluttering! With holiday decorations being put away, extra items being brought into the home as gifts or sales of the season, it is certainly rewarding to keep up the declutter bug action going! Whether it be the Marie Kondo method, or Swedish Death Cleaning (click the link, it’s worth a read!) or just bagging items for donation, creating a clear space in your home can feel wonderful. Even though our current Covid situation may make it difficult to donate or sell items that may no longer fit in your home or aesthetic, there are still some fantastic organizations that could use your great condition items, like the Diabetes or Kidney association (both of whom sometimes does porch pick ups from your home!) or your local Buy Nothing group would certainly appreciate the help!

Scott Roy, Sales Representative  905-728-1600  Direct: 905-435-7355  scott@lifeindurham.com

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