July 2022 TEMPO Newsletter

School’s OUT for the SUMMER!

This month is shifting from a Seller’s market to a Buyer’s market…a dynamic change from the previous 18 months. What does this mean for the average consumer? How can this change in the marketplace still benefit you and your specific situation? I’m looking forward to continuing to share more in-depth statistics over the next few weeks on my social media pages, so please also follow me there! @LifeInDurhamRealEstate @ScottRoyREMAX @lifeindurham

Below is a copy of our monthly TEMPO newsletter. If you don’t currently receive our newsletter, reach out to Scott or Angela to get added to the list! If you do already receive it, look in your mailbox over the next few days for your copy – inside you’ll also find a slip reminding you that you can receive TEMPO by email instead! Reach out to the office to opt-in for emails rather than paper copies!

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