Historically, Summer in real estate is rather quiet, with many here in Southern Ontario usually revelling in the fantastic weather rather than shopping for houses. This year, we also saw a large turn in the market, moving from a frantic and crazy period like 4 day listings and selling at 135% of the listing price, … Continue reading SEPTEMBER 2022 TEMPO NEWSLETTER

COMING SOON – Beautiful Executive Home in Brooklin!

Coming soon to the MLS listings is this absolutely STUNNER of a home at 23 Mildenhall Place, Brooklin! Catch the sneak peek of the beautiful grounds with this video, and keep your eyes peeled for inside photos once the listing is live! Reach out to Scott directly for any questions, or to schedule a viewing … Continue reading COMING SOON – Beautiful Executive Home in Brooklin!


What a lovely summer! We hope you had a fantastic family-filled time reveling in the sunshine and hopefully some vacation time! August in Real Estate was a little less chaotic than the past few months, with interest rates stabilizing a bit, and no new industry bombs to fact, after 18+ months of real estate … Continue reading AUGUST 2022 TEMPO NEWSLETTER

July 2022 TEMPO Newsletter

School's OUT for the SUMMER! This month is shifting from a Seller's market to a Buyer's market...a dynamic change from the previous 18 months. What does this mean for the average consumer? How can this change in the marketplace still benefit you and your specific situation? I’m looking forward to continuing to share more in-depth … Continue reading July 2022 TEMPO Newsletter

June is bringing changes to the Real Estate Market

I know our clients have felt the effects, and a lot of us are wondering…what’s next? Will costs continue to climb? Will the market tank? What should I expect over the next few months, especially if I’m in the market to buy or sell?

Well, I think a lot of what’s to come has a lot to do with what’s already happened, so let’s discuss that here.

June 2022 TEMPO Newsletter

Well, it certainly feels like summer out there! Are you ready for the **best** season in Ontario? I know I am.... 🙂 Below is a copy of our monthly TEMPO newsletter. If you don't currently receive our newsletter, reach out to Scott or Angela to get added to the list! If you do already receive … Continue reading June 2022 TEMPO Newsletter

May 2022 Tempo Newsletter

It's finally May! Sunshine, birds signing, blinking wildly as we release ourselves out of the house after a long and boring winter....I know I'm ready for Spring! To accompany the new Season, here is a e-copy of the monthly Tempo newsletter I send out - over the next few months we'll be transferring over to … Continue reading May 2022 Tempo Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

This January has a ton of new things happening here! First and foremost, please welcome our new Administrative Manager, Angela Tasevski to the group! She will be managing most of the back-end office items and is looking forward to working with you  on the phone or via email for now! I’m also looking for a … Continue reading January 2022 Newsletter