Considering Moving up to a Larger Home?

A few weeks ago I was speaking to some clients and customers about moving up to  larger more spacious homes. Most wanted to however there was common thread among everyone for not wanting to make the move right now and that was "it seems larger homes are increasing in value so much quicker". This may … Continue reading Considering Moving up to a Larger Home?

A Strong Market in Brooklin

I would like to Congratulate my clients!!     We Sold their Townhouse in Brooklin in 8 days and for slightly over the asking price - they were thrilled with the process. We made great use of our Exclusive Listing process to generate a great amount of interest before the property even hit the market. … Continue reading A Strong Market in Brooklin

Why Ask for 2 Deposits on a Home Purchase

Although the headline may indicate the following article would favour sellers, there is also some good information that buyers should be aware of as well. This following article was taken from Mark Weisleder's column in the Toronto Star dated Friday November 8th 2013: In general, the courts have indicated that buyers must act honestly, reasonably … Continue reading Why Ask for 2 Deposits on a Home Purchase

What Would You Do With $41,257.00

What Type of Information are you looking for when it comes to selling your home or buying a new home? Would you like to know if a type of home or a home in a specific neighbourhood is increasing in value or decreasing in value? Continuing on with my research about Townhomes in Durham Region … Continue reading What Would You Do With $41,257.00

Townhouses are Very Popular!!

As I continue to research various properties across communities and neighbourhoods it has become clear that Attached Townhomes or Townhouses are very popular.  I have researched 2 specific areas in Oshawa and Whitby for Townhomes and the basis for the research is a bit easier as there is a common benchmark  for these types of homes. Most … Continue reading Townhouses are Very Popular!!